Kulfi Is Serving Up Popsicles And Positivity In Its Little Corner Of Portland, Oregon

There’s something so sweet and satisfying about an ice-cold popsicle on a hot summer’s day. Perhaps it’s because these treats harken back to a simpler time of long days spent running around barefoot and through sprinklers, eagerly slurping down Creamsicles and Jumbo Jet Stars with sticky hands and blue tongues. Even as adults, popsicles are just as soul-satisfying, filled with nostalgia and memories, and even grown-up flavor combinations (and spirits!) too.

In Portland, Oregon, there’s a brand-new brick-and-mortar popsicle shop that’s spreading positivity in its little corner of the Rose City. In 2019, a colorful cart arrived in Portland, Oregon, delighting everyone with its fresh take on a classic summer treat. Kulfi, a type of Indian ice cream, was its name, and Kiran Cheema and Gagan Aulakh its owners, operators, recipe developers, social marketing team, chefs, and pretty much everything else. Three years later, on the heels of a global pandemic that claimed many small businesses and restaurants, Kulfi has set up a permanent popsicle shop in Portland, Oregon, and their story is nothing short of extraordinary.

Many thanks to Kiran Cheema for sharing the story and mission of this amazing small business. Learn more about Kulfi at its website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, and be sure to visit the brick-and-mortar popsicle shop at 5009 NE 15th Ave., Portland, OR, 97211.

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Address: Kulfi, 5009 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97211, USA