You’ll Pass By A Trio Of Pristine Lakes On The Hoffer Lakes Trail In Oregon

Oregon’s hiking is in a league all its own. Majestic mountains? Old-growth forests? Stunning lakes? Sand dunes? Temperate rainforests? Wondrous waterfalls? You’ll find it all — and more — on Oregon’s trails. In Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, there’s a trail that takes the concept of ‘scenic hike’ to the next level. The Hoffer Lakes Trail in Oregon is an easy, 2.5-mile hike that passes by not one, not two, but three pristine lakes!

This enchanting trek might seem too beautiful to be real, and in any other state, that may well be true. But we’re in The Beaver State, after all, where our hikes are all next level. So a trail with three pristine lakes in Oregon is not at all surprising — but spectacular nonetheless. Learn more about the Hoffer Lakes Trail in Oregon on AllTrails.

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Address: Hoffer Lakes, Oregon 97814, USA