Herbivore Is Spreading Plant-Based Peace And Love In Portland, Oregon

Kindness is contagious. Peace begins with a smile. Leave no trace. These mantras are not only great words of wisdom to live by; they’re also at the heart of Portland-based, plant-powered Herbivore. A wholly vegan operation that’s long been the cornerstone of the city’s Vegan Mini Mall, Herbivore is a warm and welcoming place in Portland, Oregon, that makes plant-based living colorful, welcoming, accessible, and fun. Owned and operated by Michelle Schwegmann and her partner Josh Hooten, Herbivore’s roots trace back to 2002 when the then-new vegan duo wanted to proclaim their veganism to the world, by wearing their hearts on the sleeves of sweet and punny tees.

In 2007, the small-but-mighty Herbivore opened as a brick-and-mortar store at 1211 Stark Street, alongside a group of other plant-based businesses; and, 15 years later, Herbivore has expanded to include not just bespoke t-shirt designs, mugs, and greeting cards, but also plant-based grocery items, shoes, accessories, housewares, and so much more. In the midst of this year’s milestone anniversary, Herbivore is packing up and moving across town to Cargo Emporium at 81 SE Yamhill, where they’ll be joining a group of fierce fem-owned businesses in Portland, Oregon. And while Schwegmann is sad to leave her friends on Stark Street, she’s hopeful and optimistic about the future — not just for Herbivore, but also for the planet.

Many thanks to Michelle Schwegmann for sharing the inspiring story of the small-but-mighty Herbivore in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about Herbivore at its website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Of course, Herbivore isn’t the only Portland-based biz spreading peace and love in Oregon; Kulfi is sharing happiness with each and every colorful popsicle! And if you have another Oregon-based biz you’d like to see featured, please nominate it and tell us what makes it so special! And be sure to follow Only In Oregon on Facebook and Instagram to learn about this region of the Beaver State’s most incredible places, attractions, and events.

Address: The Herbivore Clothing Company, 1211 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, USA