The One Natural Wonder In Oregon That Will Bring Out The Explorer In You

Located on the coast of Lincoln County, Devil’s Punchbowl is an epic natural wonder in Oregon that will blow you away with its rugged beauty. The large, circular hole in the rocky coastline – thought to be a collapsed sea cave – allows visitors to peer down into the deep punchbowl. Glittering, swirling saltwater spits and foams inside as it funnels in from the sea through a small arched doorway. The sight of Devil’s Punchbowl is truly, positively mesmerizing. Let’s take a look at one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Oregon, shall we?

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Have you visited this natural wonder in Oregon before? If you have, share your experiences with us in the comments below! Devil’s Punchbowl really is one of the most incredible hidden gems in Oregon!

But of course, it’s not the only dazzling gem you’ll discover on the Oregon Coast. Check out Thor’s Well — another amazing natural wonder on the Oregon Coast — you can read all about it here!

Address: Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, Otter Rock, OR 97369, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Devil's Punchbowl in Oregon

December 07, 2021

What are some other natural wonders I can visit in Oregon?

With towering mountains, sweeping coastlines, old-growth forests, and dazzling lakes, Oregon is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Many of our natural wonders can be visited for free! Wondering where to begin? This is a great list of eight incredible natural wonders in Oregon that can be visited and experienced for free. From the Columbia River Gorge to mighty Multnomah Falls, commanding Mount Hood to the Painted Hills, untold wonder awaits in Oregon, so get and start exploring!

What are some unique landmarks on the Oregon Coast?

The Oregon Coast is famous for its incredible rock formations. So we thought, why not put together a road trip to some of Mother Nature’s most massive, must-see monuments along the Oregon Coast? This way, you can check out several of the state’s coolest formations… all in one trip! If you enjoyed exploring Devil’s Punchbowl, you’ll be pleased as punch (pun intended!) about this road trip. From little-known gems to some of Oregon’s most iconic and commanding rocks, this scenic road trip leads to six massive, must-see monoliths along the Oregon Coast. Let’s go!

Are there many beaches in Oregon?

Yes! One of Oregon’s most marvelous treasures, there are numerous beaches dotting all 363 miles of the Oregon Coast and the best part is, they are all free and open to the public. That means endless opportunities for beachcombing, whale watching, hiking, exploring, or simply reveling in the beauty of the Beaver State’s stunning shores. One of our favorite beaches is a bit of a hidden gem: Rockaway Beach. This expansive beach is marked by a pair of striking black rock formations, known as the Twin Rocks. These rocks anchor the coastal town, acting as a center from which everything stems. A people’s beach through and through, you’ll find all sorts of events happening at Rockaway Beach. The annual Kite & Art Fest is definitely a fan favorite, and it’s delightful to see the skies full of winsome, colorful kites. It’s one of Oregon’s very best beaches!

Address: Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, Otter Rock, OR 97369, USA