The Creepiest Hike In Oregon Takes You Through The Ruins Of An Abandoned Bunker And Ghost Ship

While we’re all for lacing up our boots and hitting the trails, there are some hikes here in the Beaver State that aren’t for the faint of heart. We’re not talking about advanced-level treks; we’re talking about creepy hikes — excursions that lead through ghost towns and abandoned places. Trails like the Fort Stevens, Jetty Loop, and Fort Steven Ridge Trail. This nine-mile loop trail might well lead through one of the most beguiling coastal landscape in the state, but it’s a haunting sort of beauty that will take catch you off guard. You see, this hike winds through an abandoned battery park, around earthen forts and mysterious marshland, and even past a real-life ghost ship.

Have you hiked the Fort Stevens, Jetty Loop, and Fort Steven Ridge Trail in Oregon before? Did you see the abandoned bunkers on this creepy hike in Oregon? Share the tales of your ghost hunting expeditions — we’d love to hear about your experiences!

Fort Stevens campground has been called Oregon’s most haunted campsite, and visitors have claimed to hear footsteps near their tents in the night… with no one to be seen. Would you be brave enough to camp here overnight?

Address: Fort Stevens State Park, 1675 Peter Iredale Rd, Hammond, OR 97121, USA