The Stargazing At Oregon’s Crater Lake Is Out-Of-This-World

Crater Lake is easily one of the most wondrous places on the planet –  and it’s right here in The Beaver State. Crater Lake’s endless, cerulean blue waters never fail to take our breath away, and it’s truly a place to revisit time and time again. Full of abundant beauty, Crater Lake is particularly ravishing at night, when the moon and stars take the stage. With little in the way of light pollution, the stargazing at Crater Lake is exceptional — an only-in-Oregon adventure you must add to your bucket list.

Stargazing at Crater Lake really is something everyone must do in their lifetime. It’s a grounding, transformative experience that will leave you in such awe of nature. For more information about this adventure, including the best times to try it out, check out this helpful article from the Crater Lake Institute.

Address: Crater Lake, Oregon 97604, USA