The Clatsop Loop Trail In Oregon Takes You From Forest To The Beach And Back

One of the best things about hiking in Oregon is how very accessible it is. Hikers of all abilities can enjoy virtually any of our trails in some capacity, experiencing extraordinary views and a diversity of scenery that can only be found in Oregon. If you’re looking for an accessible adventure on the Oregon Coast, the Clatsop Loop Trail won’t disappoint. This 2.8-mile loop trail journeys from the forest to the beach (and back), offering adventurers an immersive experience of the Oregon Coast: its beaches, sea stacks, jagged shorelines, and old-growth forests.

Have you tackled the Clatsop Loop Trail before? What’s your favorite hike along the Oregon Coast? Share your favorite trails in the comments below!

If you want to really experience the beauty of the Oregon Coast, be sure to check out the Three Capes Scenic Loop, a scenic 40-mile road trip that can easily be done in a day!

Address: Clatsop Loop Trail, Oregon 97138, USA