Enjoy A Digital Detox At Breitenbush Hot Springs, An Off-The-Grid Hot Springs Retreat In Oregon

There’s no better cure for a case of modern-day burnout than a reprieve in Mother Nature. Do as John Muir advises, and retreat into the forest, to recenter your focus and calm your busy mind. In Oregon, we are surrounded by immense scenic beauty; those looking for peace and quiet will find it here. From forest bathing to tranquil Japanese gardens, there are numerous ways to escape into nature here in Oregon. But the following hot springs in Oregon might just be our favorite, as it’s deliciously dreamy and downright divine. With its healing waters and sublime scenery, Breitenbush Hot Springs is an off-the-grid hot springs retreat that’s sure to heal you from the inside out.

Visit the Breitenbush Hot Springs website to plan your next off-the-grid retreat in Oregon. Peace and calm await!

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Address: Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon 97342, USA
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Hot Springs in Oregon

December 12, 2022

What are some other must-visit hot springs in Oregon?

There’s no better way to relax in nature than at a hot spring. To be out in the world, breathing fresh air, and lower yourself into a steaming pool of warm water flowing directly from the earth. Open up a book, relax with your friends, or simply gaze out at the scenery surrounding you. Whether you want to be in the high desert, beside a river, at a resort, or deep in the woods, these  stunning destinations will make you feel like a whole new person. Here are some of the best hot springs in Oregon:

  • Willow Creek Hot Springs. Willow Creek Hot Springs is undoubtedly one of the best hot springs in Oregon. This hot spring is located in the high desert of Southeast Oregon, and is absolutely beautiful, although not easily accessible in colder, wetter weather.
  • Crystal Crane Hot Springs. This amazing hot spring near Burns also offers overnight accommodations. The waters here are known for their health benefits. Crystal Crane Hot Springs has provided the perfect soaking spot for families, couples, and individuals for more than 90 years now, and you’re going to fall in love when you visit. The hot spring pond maintains a temperature around a glorious 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This pretty pond is seven feet deep at its center, and it holds 323,143 gallons of warm spring water!
  • Deer Creek Hot Springs. Also known as Bigelow Hot Spring, this wonderful spot is near Terwilliger and Belknap hot springs along the McKenzie River. It’s a great place to soak and relax in the woods.
  • Hart Mountain Hot Springs. This beautiful hot spring is located in the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge and is open all year, although the roads can be difficult to traverse in the winter. It’s also a great place for camping in the warmer months. Learn more about planning your trip to Hart Mountain Hot Spring and Campground, one of the best Oregon hot springs.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

Address: Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon 97342, USA