Oregon May Soon Be Home To One Of The Biggest Dark Sky Reserves In The World

Do you like to stargaze? If you’re someone who likes to look up at the stars, then you know that the darker an area is, the better. You may have heard of the International Dark-Sky Association; this group designates places as International Dark-Sky Parks, Reserves, Communities, or Sanctuaries. All the places that they’ve found are just perfect for viewing the stars above at night. In southeastern Oregon, there’s currently a grassroots movement to create one of the world’s largest dark sky reserves. A group called the Oregon Outback Dark Sky Network is leading the charge to have three of the state’s least populated counties recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association as one great big reserve of immense darkness. Read on to learn more about it!

The Oregon Outback Dark Sky Network has high hopes that this part of the state will be recognized as a Dark Sky Place by the International Dark-Sky Association. It has recently submitted a draft of its application and the group eagerly awaits a response. Time will tell. Until then and after that, be sure to get out there and enjoy the beauty of southeastern Oregon!

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