This Seaweed In Oregon Tastes Like Bacon… And That’s Not All

How about adding this super food to your next salad: a succulent seaweed that’s packed with protein, vitamins, and antioxidants, that, wait for it… Tastes like bacon.


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That’s right, Oregon State University researchers have patented a new strain of red marine algae that grows extraordinarily quickly and is healthier than kale – all with the added punch that just may get you eating healthier.

Known as dulse, this seaweed grows in the wild along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. Used as a specialty cooking ingredient or nutritional supplement, it usually goes for up to $90 a pound in dried form. OSU researcher Chris Langdon and colleagues at the university’s Hatfield Marine Science Center have developed and patented this new, porky strain.

Resembling translucent red lettuce, Langdon says it’s an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants and contains up to 16 percent protein in dry weight.

Several Portland-area chefs are testing this new super food in their kitchens and experts are weighing in on how dulse may be sold commercially.

We’re dying to know which restaurants are experimenting with this seaweed. Have you seen it featured on Portland menus? Would you add this to your salad bowl? Tell us your thoughts!