This Epic 3-Day Restaurant Road Trip In Oregon Will Make Your Mouth Explode

There’s no denying it: Oregon is a foodie paradise. There are countless amazing restaurants all across the state serving unique, mouthwatering food that draws people from across the country. As an Oregonian, you’re probably familiar with all of the great restaurants in your area, but have you done much taste testing in other cities? How about a whole weekend trip dedicated to experiencing some of the amazing food our state has to offer?

This awesome 3-day restaurant road trip through Northwest Oregon will blow your mind – and it’ll make your mouth water like crazy. Of course, this is just a starting point; feel free to adjust as you wish, or suggest your changes in the comment section below. Here’s the Google Maps link for you to follow or adjust as you please.

There you have it!

What other restaurants would you add to this list? This road trip only focuses on northwest Oregon. What area of Oregon should we check out next time?