Take A Look Back At One Of Oklahoma’s Beloved Amusement Parks

Wedgewood Village Amusement Park originally started as Duffy’s Driving Rang in Oklahoma City in the 1950s. The owner, Mr. Woods, noticed the children had nothing to do while the parents were busy at the range, so he decided to add a few rides. From that humble beginning, Duffy’s became the largest and most modern amusement park in Oklahoma City until it closed down in 1969. Take a look back at some memories of this beloved Oklahoma amusement park.

Even with all the booming business, Wedgewood lost money and eventually had to close its doors 12 years after opening and auction off the land. Wedgewood Condominiums were built on the former grounds of the amusement park and even today, a few remnants from the park can still be seen.

If you remember Wedgewood Amusement Park, then you probably remember Springlake Amusement Park in Oklahoma City. Check out rare footage of Springlake Amusement Park here.