Nestled In The Middle Of An Italian Villa, This Tiny Oklahoma Cafe Is An Enchanting Day Trip Destination

Do you enjoy traveling across the state and exploring new places to eat? If so, head to Tulsa to Philbrook Museum where you’ll find Kitchen 27 nestled inside this majestic Italian villa. Not only is the architecture and art world-class but the eatery inside offers delicious cuisine with epic views of the gardens outside. Plus, you can extend your trip and spend the whole day inside this gorgeous museum and outside in the gardens. There’s no place in Oklahoma quite like this one, so plan an enchanting day trip and experience it for yourself. But, before you do keep scrolling below for a sneak peek of what you’re day trip will look like.

To learn more about the museum and Kitchen 27, visit

If you’re interested in extending your day trip and staying overnight in Tulsa, the Mayo Hotel Downtown is a great choice.

Address: Kitchen 27, 2727 S Rockford Rd, Tulsa, OK 74114, USA