What’s Hidden Underground In This City In Oklahoma Is Unexpected But Awesome

Below the hustle and bustle of Oklahoma City, extends a tunnel system spanning three-quarter-miles long that joins 16 city blocks and more than 30 buildings downtown. The first tunnel was built in the 1930s and several more were added in the 1970s and 1980s; they became known as the “Conncourse” after the developer Jack Conn.

It became a popular spot offering dining, shopping and service amenities for oil executives, lawyers and bankers. But after the oil bust, the underground tunnels fell into disrepair and closed down. In 2006, a $2 million dollar renovation went into reviving the tunnels by architect Rand Elliot and the tunnels were transformed into the “Underground.” Many new colorful lights were added to different sections of the tunnels, along with new businesses, new signage, historical photos and an art gallery.

Here’s an in-depth look into the “Underground.”

Doesn’t it look like a cool place to explore in Oklahoma City? Be sure to check out this really awesome video posted by YouTuber Ryan Naeve on the tunnels as well:

Have you walked the tunnels since its renovation in 2006?