Oklahoma Is On High Alert For A Tornado Today – Here’s What You Need To Know

Oklahoma is on high alert for a large and violent tornado somewhere in the state today. Multiple meteorologists are predicting a historic tornado and we want to make sure you are prepared. Dozens of schools, churches, and businesses have closed for the day to give people a chance to take the necessary precautions.

Please take these warnings seriously and be on high alert today.

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If you live in the Oklahoma City metro area, you can follow Channel 4 or Channel 9 News for the latest updates.

If you live in the Tulsa Metro area, we recommend following Channel 2, Channel 6 or Channel 8.

All of these stations have News Apps you can download and weather alerts to help keep you up-to-date with your local area.

Back in February, Accuweather predicted Oklahoma would be one of four states to be at high risk for severe weather this spring, especially tornadoes. Then in March, Meteorologist David Payne from Oklahoma’s own Channel 9 News, predicted “an active spring for the southern plains especially April and May for Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, more active this year than what it was last year or the year before.”

After the recent tornado outbreaks in the Sooner State, we’re starting to think these guys might be right about their predictions. Click here to read more about these predictions.