The Underrated Oklahoma Spring That Just Might Be Your New Favorite Summer Destination

Editor’s Note: The Bathtub Rocks are located on private property within the preserve, making it closed to the general public. In order to protect this natural feature, we ask that you do not trespass onto the area to view it.

Oklahoma has a handful of beautiful swimming holes, but they’re widely known and usually crowded during the summer months. There’s an underrated spring in northeastern Oklahoma that’s tucked away in a nature preserve that’s not only great for a refreshing dip but it’s also a little geological waterpark. Check it out below.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bathtub Rocks:

The J.T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve was formed in 2000 and is located in the beautiful town of Tahlequah. It’s open to the public and the perfect place to go for hiking, exploring and bird watching. Your adventure in this beautiful land will take you to places you never knew existed in the Sooner State – including a majestic waterfall. Click here to read more about this stunning place.

Address: Tahlequah, OK, 74464