Looking for places in the Sooner State to cool down during the hot summer months? Oklahoma has some incredible natural areas with epic views and some of them are near lakes, waterfalls, and hidden pools of water. That means there are plenty of swimming places in Oklahoma to be discovered. No summer is complete until you have visited these swimming holes in Oklahoma. So let’s get right to it and share a few of our favorite places to swim in OK.

Have you been to any of these Oklahoma swimming holes? What are your favorite spots for staying cool in the hot summer months? Share your favorite swimming holes in Oklahoma with a comment.

There is nothing better than finishing a long hike with a dip in a cool pool of water. Here is a trail that leads to some prey neat places to swim in Oklahoma.

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Swimming Holes In Oklahoma

Does Oklahoma have any beaches?

Some of the best beaches in Oklahoma include:


For a landlocked state, you may be surprised to find that the Sooner State has several beaches where you can sit in the sand and relax. Foss Lake has over 60 miles of shoreline and a beach that is as sandy as the ones you’d find along the coast. Sunset Beach provides wonderful places to spend some time and offers many recreational activities as well. Lake Murray in Ardmore has several beaches and is so picturesque you may never want to leave. With over 12,000 acres, there’s a lot to explore both on and off the water.

What are the best waterfalls in Oklahoma?

Some of the best waterfalls in Oklahoma include:


One of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls in the state is located at Natural Falls State Park in Siloam Springs. Take a loop trail to view the majestic 77-foot-tall Natural Falls, with water that falls into a natural blue pool below. It’s absolutely breathtaking! If you would like to hike along a trail that leads to several waterfalls, then make your way to McGee Creek State Park and hike along some of the 25 miles of trails through the forest, past creeks, and past waterfalls. There is a campsite available here if you would like to spend more time chasing waterfalls.

What is summer in Oklahoma like?

Oklahoma summers can be hot and humid and may seem very long for some years. There are many days with temperatures over 100 degrees and rainstorms often occur. For a visual look at what Oklahoma summers are like check out this article with a humorous look at Oklahoma summers.

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