If you’re looking forward to sweater weather, the latest weather forecasts may not come as welcome news.

Scientists at the The Weather Company are predicting an especially warm fall this year which will effectively extend the summer season into September and even beyond for some areas of the country, including Oklahoma. Meteorologists think that this unusual early-autumn heat wave may be caused in part by the failure of El Niño to develop this year.

Warm temperatures will persist through October and well into November for some Midwest, Central Plains and Southwest states. During months that may normally average anywhere between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit, the data suggests that this year’s temperatures will be much hotter. Even parts of the Northeast will feel the unusual heat wave, though current predictions say that the Northwest United States will not be affected.

Interestingly, some southern states like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama may experience a cooler-than-average September before temperatures actually increase as October rolls around.

So what does this mean for Oklahoma? You might want keep those t-shirts and shorts in the closet a little longer this year, as summer will be hanging around for quite a while.

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