Spend The Night In An Airbnb That’s Inside An Actual Silo Right Here In Oklahoma

Lake season is just around the corner and if you’re searching for a beautiful and unique way to stay around the lake, check out The Silo at Lake Tenkiller. Lake Tenkiller is known as Oklahoma’s “clear water paradise” due to its crystal-clear water and beautiful surroundings. This Airbnb rental is inside an actual silo, and it’s the best thing ever. It just opened, so be sure and reserve your dates soon before it’s sold out for the season.

Reservations can be booked online at www.Airbnb.com.

Because of the crystal clear waters, Lake Tenkiller is a popular destination for scuba diving. It features a Scuba Dive Park that includes underwater attractions for divers to explore.


Address: Tenkiller Ferry Lake, Oklahoma, USA