Oklahoma City Was Ranked The Unhealthiest Of The 50 Most Populous Cities In The U.S. In 2020

Oklahoma is in the news again and not for good reasons this time. Mindbody, a wellness technology platform, released its “10 Unhealthiest Cities To Live In” in 2020 and unfortunately, Oklahoma City ranked #1. It’s hard to believe our capital city beat out cities like Detroit, San Jose, and Philadelphia. Keep scrolling for more details on this less-than-desirable title we were awarded.

If you would like to read more about the study, check out this article from Business Insider.

Not everything you read about Oklahoma City in the news is negative. In fact, a few years ago The New York Times said, ÔÇťOklahoma City has arrived” and Simple Moving Labor ranked Oklahoma City as the No. 4 “Best City to Move to in 2015.” You can read more accolades in our previous article here.

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