The Story Behind Oklahoma’s Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie has long been held as one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. The Victorian home was built in 1907 by the Houghton family for their personal residence. The Houghton’s had 12 children, one of which died in the home from an overdose of her whooping cough medicine. The Houghton’s eventually moved out and the home became a funeral parlor in the 1920s. The home now operates as a bed and breakfast and hosts murder mystery weekends for guests.

Past and current owners, visitors and paranormal groups have all reported many hauntings from within the walls of this home. Many sightings of a man and young girl resembling Mr. Houghton and his daughter have been reported. From high EMF and EVP ratings to strange noises and voices to apparitions, this home in Oklahoma is so haunted it will give you nightmares. Take a look at some of its hauntings and long history.

Have you ever stayed the night in this home? If so, did you experience anything unusual or scary? Please share your experience.