There’s A Little Known Unique Nature Preserve In Oklahoma And It’s Truly Amazing

Editor’s Note: The Bathtub Rocks are located on private property within the preserve, making it closed to the general public. In order to protect this natural feature, we ask that you do not trespass onto the area to view it.

The J.T. Nickel Preserve is located near Tahlequah in the Ozarks and comprises 17,000 acres of astounding beauty and environmental protection areas that are filled with spring-fed creeks, forests, woodlands, prairies, wildlife species and so much more. You’ll also find a little geological water park within the area that is a hidden gem in the summer. This unique nature preserve is a one-of-a-kind destination in the Sooner State overlooking the Illinois River and is free for all visitors.

For directions to the J.T. Nickel Preserve click here.