The Milkshakes From This Marvelous Oklahoma Restaurant Are Almost Too Wonderful To Be Real

Gourmet burgers, homemade pies, and marvelous, hand-dipped milkshakes await you at S&B’s Burger Joint. This incredible restaurant is almost too wonderful to be real and we highly recommend you visit. Keep scrolling for more details.

Visit S&B’s Burger Joint website to view all the locations.

Everyone loves getting ice cream, but there’s something special about visiting an old fashioned ice cream shop that puts a smile on your face. Kaiser’s Grateful Bean Café & Old Fashioned Soda Fountain in Oklahoma City will take you back to 1917 when life was simpler. Here you’ll find a fountain counter, homemade ice cream, vintage decor, soda fountain and more. Take a look at this old fashioned ice cream shop you need to visit during the hot, summer months.