Hiking At Heavener Runestone Park In Oklahoma Is Like Entering A Fairytale

It never gets old featuring the spectacular hidden beauty in Oklahoma. The state’s topography is so diverse – it’s amazing all the beautiful places tucked away waiting to be discovered in the Sooner State. One such place is Heavener Runestone Park, a fairytale-like setting filled with lush landscape, epic scenery, waterfalls, hieroglyphics, and nature trails.

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To book an overnight stay in the campground, please visit their website here.

If you love exploring abandoned places, then there’s a castle in southern Oklahoma you have to check out. Located in Turner Falls Park, Collings Castle is an abandoned castle tucked away in the hills overlooking Turner Falls. It’s a short hike up to this expansive stone structure that was built in the 1930s…and it’s worth the trek. Lace-up those hiking boots and explore this historic castle that’s rumored to be haunted.

Address: 18365 Burns Ln, Heavener, OK 74937, USA