This Oklahoma Burger Joint Is Worth A Visit From Any Part Of The State

You might not be able to fill up your tank anymore at Dairy King in Commerce but you can sure fill up your belly. This small burger joint used to be an old filling station from the 1920s and is now a beloved dining gem on the Mother Road. It has changed hands over the years and for the last 30 years has been locally owned and operated. They serve mouthwatering burgers, adorable Route 66 cookies, and ice cream in the cutest little cottage-style building. The next time you’re traveling through northeastern Oklahoma on Route 66, make your way to Dairy King for a deliciously good meal.

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Another great burger joint you’ll want to visit is Ranch Burger in Pawnee. This little unassuming burger joint serves quality meat and has raving online reviews. Some say these burgers are the best in the state.

Address: Dairy King, 100 N Main St, Commerce, OK 74339, USA