The Bloody Mary At Bread And Butter Kitchen + Bakery In Oklahoma Is Loaded With So Much Food It’s A Meal In Itself

One of the most delicious Bloody Marys can be found at Bread and Butter Kitchen + Bakery in Tulsa. It’s called the Hail Mary and is loaded with so much food it’s a meal in itself. It’s huge, amazing, and ready to be enjoyed. Take a look:

Doesn’t the Hail Mary look amazing? Click here if you would like to view the full menu at Bread & Butter Kitchen + Bakery.

If your drink of choice includes vodka and tomato juice, then keep reading to find 6 more places in Oklahoma that serve outrageous, over the top Bloody Marys. Some are filled with meats, while others have vegetables or seafood. No matter which way you like it, these 6 are some of the best and biggest Bloody Marys in the Sooner State.

Address: 3837 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74135, USA