The One Small Town In Oklahoma With Delicious Italian Food On Every Corner

Are you searching for some of the best Italian food in Oklahoma? If so, head to the small town of Krebs where you’ll find Italian food on almost every corner. Krebs is known as “Oklahoma’s Little Italy” and is rooted deep in Italian culture. When Oklahoma received statehood in 1907, almost half of the nearly 3,000 residents were Italian-Americans, so it’s only natural that Italian restaurants began popping up in town and the neighboring town of McAlester. Keep scrolling below to learn more about some of the best Italian food in the state.

Did you know the town of Krebs suffered a terrible explosion in 1892? If you’re interested in learning more about this historical event in this small town, check out our previous article “The Horrifying Mine Explosion That Haunts Oklahomans To This Day.”

Address: Pete's Place Restaurant, 120 S West 8th St, Krebs, OK 74554, USA
Address: Roseanna's Italian Food, 205 E Washington Ave, Krebs, OK 74554, USA
Address: Lovera's Italian Market, 95 NW 6th St, Krebs, OK 74554, USA