The Charming Bed And Breakfast In Small-Town Oklahoma Worthy Of Your Bucket List

Don’t you agree that some of the best hideaways are found off the beaten path? Small towns are home to many of the perfect bucket list retreats that you will come across. Towns with water towers like Afton in Northeast Oklahoma have some of the most charming bed and breakfasts, and The Funky Monkey Inn located in Afton is a bed and breakfast worth adding to your bucket list.

The Shebang Restaurant in Oklahoma is also a crowd favorite for many people visiting Afton, and you can find out why it should make your bucket-list itinerary when you’re in town.

For more information about The Funky Monkey Inn, check out the website.

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Address: The Funky Monkey Inn, 56705 OK-125, Afton, OK 74331, USA