The Roadside Hamburger Hut In Oklahoma That Shouldn’t Be Passed Up

Sometimes the best things in life are found in the most unlikely of places. Antlers is home to a little burger stand named the Burger Barn that serves one of the best burgers in the Sooner State. The mouthwatering burgers and fries are worth the trip, and the ice cream is magnificent. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Oklahomans are serious when it comes to their burgers. We will wait in long lines just to get our favorites and we are loyal to our establishments. From hole-in-the-wall spots to iconic restaurants, the following is a list of some of the best and most popular burger joints in Oklahoma. Click here to check out this extensive list that only begins to scratch the surface of all the amazing eateries in the Sooner State.

Address: Burger Barn, 407 W Main St, Antlers, OK 74523, USA