This Unsolved Oklahoma Mystery From 1947 Still Baffles People Today

Oklahoma’s deadliest tornado wasn’t the only tragedy that struck Woodward, Oklahoma on April 9, 1947. The Crofts were wealthy residents of Woodward and Mrs. Croft lost her life to the twister’s rage that day. Mr. Croft was severely injured and was sent away to an Oklahoma City hospital due to his injuries being life threatening. Their two daughters, Joan (4 years old) and Jerri (8 years old) were kept at the hospital in Woodard, and were sent to the basement to remove a large splinter Joan sustained in the tornado. All minor injuries were sent to this area of the hospital, and the girls remained there overnight in the sleeping quarters.

What happened next, Jerri Croft will never forget. Two men entered the hospital the following day wearing khaki military clothes and asked for Joan Croft by name. They picked her up and carried her away. Joan protested leaving her sister but the men told her they would come back for Jerri. Two hospital staff members stopped the men, but they were allowed to proceed when they told the staff  they were friends taking Joan to see her family at a different hospital. She was never seen again.

The kidnapping of Joan Croft was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 1993, and over the years several women have come forth saying they suspect they might be Joan. None of their claims have been verified. In 1999, a newspaper editor for The Oklahoman received an e-mail from a woman claiming to be Joan Gay Croft, who said she had been living under a different name with her family’s knowledge. The woman agreed to a meeting but ceased communications and never came forward. Joan Gay Croft’s disappearance remains unsolved and is one of the most unusual child abductions on record.

Fast Forward to 14:25 to watch the story of Joan Gay Croft:

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