West-Coasters Try Ohio Food For The First Time…And The Result Is Hysterical

The Buckeye State is a quirky place, full of interesting places, people, and traditions. Our most deeply rooted traditions are our culinary customs. Believe it or not, Ohio is a foodie state, particularly if you love comfort food. However, some of our ethnic and locally-created dishes are… well, quirky. What happens when a group of West Coasters try goetta, Skyline Chili and candy buckeyes? Well, a number of things, really… and we don’t exactly blame these out-of-towners for their reactions! The following video showcases the experiences of 12 West Coasters trying unique and weird Ohio foods for the very first time — and their reactions are priceless.

Buckle up and prepare to giggle, because this taste test is one that’s truly iconic. See how many of these weird Ohio foods you recognize:

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What did you think of this video? Did it make you laugh as much as it made us laugh? There are some weird dishes found only in Ohio, and these samplings only scratch the surface. Are there any other foods you’d like to see these West Coasters try, or are there any bizarre foods that you have tried that you just need to share? Tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!

Can’t get enough of Ohio culture? You’ll probably relate to these Ohio traditions! Did this video get your tummy grumbling? We don’t blame you one bit, and we understand your uniquely Ohio cravings. Fulfill them and find new favorites at some of the most unusual restaurants and dining destinations in The Buckeye State.

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Weird Ohio Foods

August 23, 2020

What are the most popular foods in Ohio?

There are all sorts of popular foods in Ohio, including some of the goodies highlighted in the video above. However, pierogies are doubtlessly a local favorite. We even have a pierogi-themed run each year in Cleveland!

What are the weirdest things about Ohio?

Ohio is quirky in an incredible way! You’ll come to love our quirks, too. From our local vernacular to our inability to not shout O-H and expect an I-O in response, we have all sorts of quirks unique to Ohioans.

Is Ohio a great place to live?

Ohio is a magical place to call home. Click through our Ohio page to find thousands of reasons that The Buckeye State is the place to be.

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