The Unassuming Restaurant In Ohio That Serves The Best BBQ You’ll Ever Taste

Here in Ohio, there’s (fortunately) no shortage of excellent barbecue joints.

Most of the time, they’re hiding in unexpected places such as small towns seemingly in the middle of nowhere or unassuming, no-frills buildings you pass by every day. From hearty pulled pork sandwiches to mouthwatering brisket, Uncle Beth’s BBQ in North Lewisburg has it all—not to mention homemade desserts that are to die for. It’s a somewhat unassuming restaurant that’s the perfect example of a hidden gem. Take a look:

Uncle Beth’s BBQ is located at 6262 OH 245, North Lewisburg, OH 43060. Have you ever been here before? If so, we want to know what your experience was like!

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