These Amazing Time Lapse Videos Show Ohio Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Time lapse videos show us a perspective of our daily lives that we otherwise could never see. Storms clouds roll in and out in a matter of seconds, hundreds of people pass by faster than we can count and day turns to night in a matter of minutes. The following 7 videos showcase various parts of Ohio in a time-lapse perspective. It’s truly amazing to see just how much activity and diversity one day can bring.

1. Cleveland (by André Bernier via YouTube)

2. Cincinnati and the Ohio River freezing over (by Aaron Preslin via YouTube)

3. Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (by Brandon Townley via YouTube)

4. Ohio History Barn in Fremont (by Ohio Turnpike via YouTube)

5. Columbus (by Nathaniel I Ober via Vimeo)

6. Huron (by UbiquitousGeek via YouTube)

7. Cycling the Ohio to Erie Trail (by osutimbuck2 via YouTube)

What do you think of these time-lapse videos of Ohio? Which one was your favorite?

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