This Dilapidated, Dangerous Structure In Ohio Belongs In A Stephen King Novel

At one point in time, this abandoned property was actually the largest building in Ohio. And how the mighty have fallen. Today, this multi-story Victorian house stands in a quiet area of Bangs, Ohio as little more than a shell of its former days. What started out as a facility to house the poor before was re-used as an infirmary. Some repair was performed on the structure when the Knox County Bible College took over operation of the building. But after 30 years, the building was abandoned yet again…and then twice more. Looking at the following pictures of this eerie site, it’s no wonder how the nickname “House of Nightmares” came to be.

What do you think of this fascinating and dangerous Ohio mansion? Will the Knox County Poorhouse ever see another renovation, or is it doomed to a fate of eternal abandonment?

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