15 Things To Avoid Saying Or Doing In Ohio

Here in Ohio, there are just some things that are best avoided at all costs. Take the following as advice on what not to say or do while you’re here and you should be good.

1) All things Michigan related. All things.


2) The (dangerous) combination of the colors yellow and blue.

3) Potholes times a million. You dodge those little tire destroying demonic craters like your life depends on it.


4) Also, deer. (It’s like their life purpose is to damage your car or something.)

5) Orange barrels—because our roads are essentially obstacle courses.

6) Pulling out behind a horse-drawn buggy. (Otherwise, you’re going to be there awhile.)


7) Insulting our sports teams. (Don’t. Just don’t.)

8) Talking politics, especially during elections. We’re pretty evenly divided here and presidential elections make us extra tense and extra opinionated.

9) Telling us North Carolina is the birthplace of aviation.


10) Insisting that we have an accent. (You’ll never convince us.)

11) Claiming that Ohio is boring.

12) Confusing Ohio University with Ohio State University.


13) Also, forgetting the “The” in “The Ohio State University.”

14) Calling our rivers flammable—because we got our act together years ago.

15) Making fun of Ohio. Only people who live in Ohio are allowed to do that.


What else should people avoid saying or doing while they’re in Ohio?

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