This Just Might Be The Most Underrated Hike In All Of Ohio

Some trails just don’t get enough attention.

Here in Ohio, you’ll find several hiking trails within our 83 state parks that will bring out the adventurous side you didn’t even know you had. One of the state’s most underrated hikes is hiding in Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville, Ohio. Part of a larger trail, the trek to Horseshoe Falls is an easy, eventful journey that’s perfect for a short day hike.

Check it out:

The Flat Fork Ridge Recreation Area is located on Clarksville Rd., close to the Caesar Creek Visitor’s Center (which is located at 4020 N Clarksville Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068) and the dam.

Have you ever hiked to Horseshoe Falls before? If so, please share your experiences and photos with us!