17 Ways You Can Always Spot Someone From Ohio… No Matter Where They Are

People from Ohio are a unique breed, and we’re truly a group of individuals like no other. Even when Ohioans travel to other states or countries, we’re pretty easy to spot. The following are just a few definite tip-offs that indicate if someone is from Ohio.

What other ways are there to tell if someone is from Ohio? Is there anything that people from Ohio do that strikes you as weird? Tell us in the comments!

Does learning about Ohio culture surprise you? You might be surprised to learn that the modern traffic light, hot dog, and Life Savers candy are all inventions from Ohio.

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People From Ohio

August 02, 2020

What are people from Ohio known for?

Here in Ohio, buckeyes are considered good luck, the OSU vs. Michigan game is pretty much a universal holiday, and guessing which season the weather is going to mimic are all local pastimes.

What unique words and phrases do people in Ohio say?

In Ohio, “The Jake” isn’t a person. BW3 is a restaurant you know as Buffalo Wild Wings, and that funny strip of lawn in front of your yard is a tree lawn or devil’s strip. There are all sorts of odd words and phrases in Ohio!

What are the best things about living in Ohio?

Ohio is a magical place to call home, thanks to a stunning landscape, all sorts of places of interest, and endless opportunities for fun. However, the absolute best thing about living in Ohio is the people you’ll get to call your neighbors.

Address: Ohio, USA