Waldo Is A Small Town With Under 500 Residents But Has Some Of The Best Food In Ohio

Do you have a list of Ohio restaurants you’d love to visit someday? Here are three more entries that might delight your tastebuds during your travel. You might not have the tiny town of Waldo on your radar for road trips yet, but small-town food like they have here is worth the drive. Bologna time!

What do you think? These three restaurants are plenty for the residents here, but will you find yourself traveling this way soon for a bite? Mark these down on your bucket list for a future adventure someday.

Address: Belly Busters, 123 E Main St, Waldo, OH 43356, USA
Address: G & R Tavern, 103 N Marion St, Waldo, OH 43356, USA
Address: Pettibone's Bar & Grill, 306 S Marion St, Waldo, OH 43356, USA