This Is The Single Craziest Thing You Never Knew Happened In Ohio

Did you know that a corpse was once a popular roadside attraction in Ohio?

The small town of Sabina, known as “The Eden of Ohio,” was once home to “Eugene the Mummy,” an unidentified dead man who became an unusual roadside attraction—and was displayed in the town for more than 36 years.

In the late 1920s, an unknown man was found walking along a road just a few miles outside of Sabina. Although he was rumored to be looking for work, he was found dead days later on the side of the road, supposedly from natural causes. The body had no identification on it, only a slip of paper with a Cincinnati address of 1118 Yale Ave.—which lead to nothing more than a vacant lot.

Although the body was never identified, the unidentified man became known as Eugene simply because a man named Eugene lived near the address on the slip of paper that lead to the vacant lot.

Eugene was taken to the local funeral home, where he was embalmed and held for identification—an identification that was never made.

For more than 36 years, Eugene rested on a couch in a small building behind the funeral home. When people got word of this strange display, they came form all over to see Eugene. Locals frequently gave directions to out-of-towners passing through. Over the years, millions of people from all over the country came to Sabina and observed Eugene, yet no one recognized him.

Eugene was finally buried after multiple disrespectful pranks were pulled with him. Locals even report that one night some college students stole the body and placed him on a park bench on campus.

Today, Eugene rests in a grave in the town’s cemetery. The headstone reads: “Eugene, Found Dead: 1928, Buried: 1964.”

To view an in-depth news segment on this story and hear locals talk about what it was like having Eugene displayed in Sabina for a number of years, watch the video below:

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