This Wine And Waterfall Pair Perfectly For An Afternoon Adventure In Southeast Ohio

Wouldn’t it be nice to just get away for a day? We think so! That’s why we put together this perfect pairing for a day trip that will only cost you a tankful of gas…and maybe some spending money! It’s such a treat to explore your own state. It’s often shocking how much is around us that we don’t even know about! But, that’s why we’re here to help. If you’re located in Southeast Ohio, you’ll have to give this one a try.

By starting at Shade Winery in Shade Ohio in the late morning or early afternoon and then taking a short drive to Boord State Nature Preserve, you will experience the best of both worlds; good food and drink along with a healthy dose of nature!

Ohio is home to some truly amazing day trips, which means that if this adventure is out of the way for you, there are others to choose from. Here are 10 epic day trips that promise adventure, memorable moments, and unique views of Ohio.

We think this is one of our favorite ideas yet! Who wouldn’t want to take in all these amazing views and sip on something delicious? To get you started, here is your map for directions, courtesy of Google Maps. Take this fun trip and let us know how it goes and what wine or wines you chose to taste! We’d also love to see your pictures. Leave them in the comments.

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Address: 401 Gilkey Ridge Rd, Shade, OH 45776, USA
Address: Township Rd 69, Cutler, OH 45724, USA