Delight In Dressed-Up Scarecrows That Are Anything But Spooky On This Fall Hike In Ohio

The Halloween season is a delightfully spooky time in Ohio. And there’s one fall hike in Ohio that’s a perfect experience for families of all ages. The Trail of Scarecrows is a fun, FREE, fall art installation of scarecrows in Fairfield County. As the only county-wide scarecrow contest of its kind, the Trail of Scarecrows in Ohio has quickly become a yearly tradition amongst locals and visitors alike. Each year, over 300 static scarecrows decorate Fairfield County homes and businesses for travelers across the Buckeye State to enjoy and vote on their favorites.

Have you experienced the Trail of Scarecrows in Ohio before? It’s a fun fall event that’s not at all scary, which makes it a perfect adventure for the entire family.

Address: Fairfield County, OH, USA