The Sapphire Natural Pool In Ohio That’s Devastatingly Gorgeous

Ohio has so many hidden gems it should be the Hidden Gem Capital of the World.

Most people don’t know there’s a stunning, sapphire quarry in Sandusky County. Tucked away in the small town of Gibsonburg, Ohio, you’ll find White Star Quarry. It’s a little-known diving resort that Ohio explorers will fall in love with. (And if you’d rather not scuba dive, you can always check out the designated swimming area in the summer months or have a picnic by the quarry.)

Take a look:

White Star Quarry is located at 901 S Main St., Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431. Have you ever been here before? (For more information about the quarry and what you can do there, click here.) If so, we want to know what your experience was like!

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