The Unique Day Trip To Salt Fork State Park In Ohio Is A Must-Do

Salt Fork State Park, which stretches across 17,229 acres of Guernsey County, is the largest state park in Ohio. Named for its salt well that was once used by local Native Americans, the park is home to breathtaking natural features and diverse species of plants and animals. While exploring the fascinating geological features, such as shelter caves or weathered blocks of sandstone, that are scattered throughout the park, visitors are likely to encounter a number of different animals, including wild turkeys, red foxes, and white-tailed deer. While it is well worth taking a day trip to encounter the sights, there is almost too much natural beauty to take in on a single day, which makes Salt Fork State Park a place worth returning to again and again.

Learn more about The Salt Fork State Park at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website, or book a stay at the Salt Fork Lodge here.

Address: Salt Fork State Park, 14755 Cadiz Rd, Lore City, OH 43755, USA