The Buckeye State is home to some truly amazing hidden gems. Few people know about the unique carvings at Worden’s Ledges. Tucked away in northeast Ohio, these ledges are hiding in Cleveland Metroparks in Hinckley Reservation. The ledges themselves are captivating to walk through, but the faces carved into them make you feel as if you’ve temporarily entered another world. Here’s what awaits along this so-called rock maze in Ohio:

Have you ever hiked this one-of-a-kind Ohio rock maze trail before? If so, we want to know what your experience was like!

Looking for some inspiration to lace up your shoes and hit the trails? Let this YouTube video c/o Northeast Ohio Hikes and Bikes get you moving!

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Ohio Rock Maze

What are some other rock formations in Ohio?

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  • Hartman Rock Garden. One of the most impressive American folk art sites can be found right here in Ohio—and it’s a backyard masterpiece that will likely make you do a double-take. You’ll observe a mixture of history, religion, and Depression-era pop culture at the Hartman Rock Garden, built by Harry “Ben” Hartman from 1932 – 1939. The garden can be seen today at the corner of McCain and Russell streets in Springfield. Composed of more than 250,000 individual stones, this backyard museum/Ohio rock maze is an iconic marvel that belongs on your bucket list!
  • The Ledges Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Ledges Trail follows the commanding and cragged sandstone cliffs that make up Ritchie Ledges (more on those below) More than 300 million years ago, this trail’s area of the park was actually covered by an ancient sea. Winding and rocky, with moss-covered grottos and secret caves, the Ledges Trail is an adventure straight out of a Tolkien fantasy!
  • Ritchie Ledges. Cleveland is surrounded by a beautiful series of parks loved by locals and visitors alike. The Cleveland Metroparks, Summit Metro Parks, and Cuyahoga National Park, to name just a few districts, are all breathtaking and close to home. Prepare to delve into the wonder of nature, because we’re about to hit the trails in a lovely park surrounded by maze-like rock walls. The Ritchie Ledges are particularly striking. They were formed over 310 million years ago (in the Early Pennsylvanian age) when their sand and quartz-enriched particles were deposited by the currents of ancient streams.

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