Need to escape your daily routine? Here in Ohio, you can do just that – and remind yourself that life can, in fact, be straight-up fun when we let it be. While a full-fledged vacation may not be in your budget (or schedule), the following are what we consider to be the best day trips in Ohio. These should help to refresh you, combat the weekday blues, and spice up your normal Netflix-and-chill-on-the-couch weekend routine.

With a little pre-planned budgeting and scheduling, you’d be amazed at what a liberal dose of “Carpe Diem” and a day away from your normal life can do for you. You can try it without leaving the state! Whether you are looking to explore Ohio with the fam, or you are more in the mood for fun day trips near you for adults, there is plenty to see and do in the great state of Ohio. Head out for one of the best day trips in Ohio and truly experience our fun-filled state.

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Best Day Trips In Ohio

What is there to do in Ohio?

Some interesting things to do in Ohio include:


When you’re trying to think of something truly unique to do in Ohio, think beyond amusement parks, restaurants, and the usual Ohio day trip destinations. Take some take to explore some of our under-appreciated state parks, take a factory tour, and explore a castle or two. Some of the best Ohio attractions are unexpected attractions. Check out this list of hidden gems for some of Ohio’s best-kept secrets. 

What are some of the most unique places you can visit in Ohio?

Some of the most unique places to visit in Ohio include:


Along with plenty of Ohio day trip ideas, there are also plenty of unique stops to take along the way. From Hartman’s Rock Garden in Springfield to the World’s Largest Stamp in Cleveland, there’s something quirky around every turn in the Buckeye State. For a list of unique day trips in Ohio and quirky stops to take in Ohio, check out our previous article about some interesting and weird places to visit in Ohio.

What are the best family-friendly day trips in Ohio?

Some of the best family-friend day trips in Ohio involve water parks, zoos, and hands-on museums. For some inspiration, check out our previous article with 13 places to take your kids so they instantly fall in love with Ohio.

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