Hike The New Trail At Hocking Hills State Park, A Gorgeous Natural Getaway In Ohio

Ohio explorers will be overjoyed to know that Hocking Hills State Park opened a brand new trail in recent years — and when it comes to scenery, it has it all. What is it that makes this new hiking trail at Hocking Hills so memorable? With massive sandstone cliffs, another cave, a towering waterfall and a swinging bridge, the Hemlock Bridge Trail to Whispering Cave is an Ohio adventure you simply have to take this season.


These new hiking trails at Hocking Hills opened to the public in May of 2017. If it has been a few years since your last visit to the area, you owe yourself a trip! Have you visited these trails before? What are your thoughts? Share your photos and experiences in the comments!

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Address: Hocking Hills State Park Cabins, Logan, OH 43138, USA
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Newest Hiking Trail At Hocking Hills

June 21, 2020

What are the most beautiful hikes in Ohio?

If you have never visited The Buckeye State, you’d probably find yourself surprised by its beauty. Our landscape here is both stunning and diverse, full of ancient sandstone cliffs and historic trees. Tinker’s Creek is one of the loveliest hikes near Cleveland, as it features a waterfall, historic ruins, and loads of local wildlife. Just slightly further down south, Cuyahoga Valley National Park hosts all sorts of stunning hikes. A trek through the Virginia Kendall Ledges is always a stunning experience!

Where can I hike to a cave in Ohio?

Ohio is full of caves, believe it or not. This area was an ancient ocean a few hundred million years ago, and the ensuing geomorphic processes and prevalent rock type formed the perfect recipe to create caves. There are some particularly lovely caves on the Lake Erie islands, including Heineman’s Winery on Put-in-Bay. Gorge Metro Park is home to another famous cave: Mary Campbell Cave. It was named for a famous prisoner of the French and Indian War, a young girl of European descent that assimilated with the Lenape (otherwise known as Delaware) tribe.

What are the best waterfall hikes in Ohio?

There are so many stunning waterfall hikes in Ohio! In fact, there are enough to craft a picture perfect waterfall road trip around the state. During this trip, you’ll want to check out the famous falls of Hocking Hills, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park, to name a few.

Address: Hocking Hills State Park Cabins, Logan, OH 43138, USA