There’s Nothing Better Than Ohio’s Natural Lazy River On A Summer’s Day

Sometimes, you just need to float away from life’s troubles for a little while.

Tubing down a scenic, natural lazy river is a great way to embrace a summer day and get in some quality relaxation time. What just might be the best lazy river in Ohio to tube down is the Little Miami River in Oregonia, Ohio. While you can do more than tube along this river, tubing is the most relaxing, stress-free way to enjoy this gorgeous little gem.

Take a look:

Have you ever tubed down the Little Miami River? If so, we want to know what your experience was like! (For more information about tubing, click here.) If you’ve ever kayaked or tubed down this gorgeous river before, share your thoughts and photos with us!

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Best Lazy River in Ohio

June 20, 2019

What are the best places to go tubing in Ohio?

There are several Ohio rivers you can tube on and river tours in Ohio you can take. At approximately 4 miles long, the Hocking River tubing adventure is one of the the longest tubing tours you can take in the state. (It takes about 4 – 5 hours to complete. This particular tour is also nestled in one of the most scenic regions of the state.) You can also go tubing on the Mohican River, Tuscarawas River, Great Miami River, Whitewater River, Cuyahoga River and Mad River. These tubing adventures range in length from 2 – 5 miles each and can last anywhere from 1 – 5 hours.

Can I bring my own tube to go tubing in Ohio?

Policies will differ from company to company. Many canoe liveries and river tours in Ohio will require you to use the tubes they have on site to rent, mainly for safety reasons. Ohio tubing is a fun and unique experience, but safety regulations are very important to follow. (Safety is also a key reason why a river tour or tubing company may close for the day. To stay up to date on the river conditions and water data, click here. To ensure that you are able to tube down the river you plan to tube down, call ahead to confirm.)

When does tubing season end in Ohio?

Tubing season ends at different times for different companies, depending on where you want to go tubing in Ohio. Most tubing destinations are in operation from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Tubing at this time of year means you’ll get to experience the peak of summer heat, which makes the experience that much more satisfying.