11 Things Everyone Who’s Moved Away From Ohio Has Thought At Least Once

We might make fun of our crazy, unpredictable, lovable state—but once you’re an Ohioan, you’re always an Ohioan.

Even after you’ve moved away, started a new career and forged a new way of life, there’ s a lingering mark Ohio leaves on everyone who once lived here and has since left. You might not miss the never-ending line of orange barrels along the highway or the massive potholes that Gandalf the Grey is still falling down, but I guarantee you miss the covered bridges, wholesome Amish food and the crisp scent of autumn in the air. Here are 11 things everyone who’s moved away from Ohio has thought at least once:

Have you moved away from Ohio? What were some of your thoughts? Did you move back? Share your thoughts and life experiences with us!