Home Of The 5-Pound Burrito, Big Mama’s Burritos In Ohio Shouldn’t Be Passed Up

There’s nothing like a big, beautiful burrito to satisfy your hunger.

Big Mamma’s Burritos is arguably the most unique burrito experience you’ll encounter in the Buckeye State. With creations as massive as 5 pounds that feature more than your traditional burrito ingredients, this humble little joint takes the concept of a burrito to a whole other level. Here’s why these massive burritos are more than worthy of your Ohio dining bucket list:

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Address: Big Mamma’s Burritos, 1359 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212, USA
Address: Big Mamma's Burritos, 10 S Court St, Athens, OH 45701, USA
Address: 6604 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102, USA