Driving Down This Haunted Ohio Road Will Give You Nightmares

There are some roads that are better left untraveled.

The state of Ohio is home to several eerie, haunted roads—but there’s one in particular that frightens visitors over and over.

If you take Route 732 north out of Oxford and turn left onto the country road Buckley Rd. at night, you might encounter the “Phantom Motorcyclist,” who was struck by a car and decapitated one night after alcohol impaired his motor skills and he crashed headlong into a barbed-wire fence, according to Weird Ohio.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Legend has it, the cyclist was dating a girl—and her parents did not approve. In order to see each other, the girl would sneak out at night after her parents were asleep and flash the porch light (or a flashlight) three times to signal the motorcyclist. Waiting  down the road from the girl’s house (which is no longer standing,) he would see the flashing lights from the top of the street and drive down the hills on his motorcycle to meet up with her—but one night, he didn’t make it to her.

Today, nearby college students and other visitors frequent the area at night in hopes of encountering the ghost of the decapitated cyclist searching for his long-lost love.

To see the headlight of the ghost’s motorcycle, turn off your engine, flash your headlights three times and wait. People who have done this report seeing a white light coming toward them from across the hills at a high speed.

To view this phenomenon in action, watch the video below:

* Please note: The following video contains profanity. 

What do you think of this eerie phenomenon? Have you experienced it for yourself? Are you brave enough to try it?